National Park Proposal

Proposal for Helena and Aurora Range, Bungalbin to be gazetted as a Class A National Park

On the 15 October 2013 a Natonal Park Proposal was launched for Helena and Aurora Range, Bungalbin

The National Park Proposal was then reviewed and launched as a 2nd edition on 26 November 2017

The document was prepared by The Wilderness Society (TWS), Helena and Aurora Range Advocates (HARA) and the Wildflower Society of Western Australia (WSWA).

The proposed boundary for the Helena and Aurora Range, Bungalbin National Park is shown in the map below. It differs from the Helena and Aurora Range Conservation Park (vested in 2005) in that it; includes all of the low ranges heading out to the north west from the main range up until J4 mine (in the 2013 1st edition boundary, J4 was included as it had not been approved for mining at that time), the Aurora mining tenement to the south, and does not include the eastern area of the Die Hardy Range to the north. The proposed National Park boundary is open for further review based on conservation and Indigenous Heritage values.

The document includes details on the proposed Class A National Park, the heritage values of Helena and Aurora Range, Bungalbin (as far as is known to date), as well as a summary of the history of efforts to conserve and protect the Range (until 2010), initiated when its high conservation values became known in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Plus there are plenty of great photos.

Can download a copy of the National Park Proposal (2017, 2nd edition).

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