Bungalbin Hill

4.2 km, 250 m ascent        

This short walk ascends the only named peak in the range, which is also the third highest distinct peak.  

The route starts from the main vehicle track heading north around the range; just park up safely off the track and take care to cause no damage.  After only a short warm-up, the route makes a steep and direct ascent up the west ridge of Bungalbin Hill. The ground is rough under foot, but there are a number of small rock ledges which open up extensive views to the north and west.  

The hills of the western range can be seen to the NW, extending in the far distance into the Mt Jackson range.  On the northern horizon the Die Hardy and Mt Manning ranges can also be seen.

The summit of Bungalbin Hill itself is marked by a large cairn but it is mostly shrouded in vegetation which prevents any clear views.  However, it pays to wander off the summit itself and make a short circuit around the peak area, just where the steeper drop-off starts.  Views in various directions can be obtained, including over the Main Range Ridge to the east and NE and also towards Lake Deborah and the Koolyanobbing Range on the horizon 50 km to the south.  

From the peak, the route heads steeply down the mostly open north ridge with great views in all directions.  After a low saddle a gently rising ridge leads to a small rounded peak that marks the end of the Main Range Ridge.  Heading to the NW from this peak, views open up once again over the western hills.  The J5 area is close-by, and it is easy to imagine the destruction to the wilderness values in this area that would have been wrought if the proposal for iron ore mining had been permitted.  An old exploration track is followed down the NW slope before a final short off-track section back to the start.



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