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  • BirdLife Western Australia
  • Toodyay Naturalists
  • Wildflower Society of Western Australia

BirdLife Western Australia

Bird Surveys in the Great Western Woodlands (GWW)

From 2011 to 2015, BirdLife Australia in partnership with The Nature Conservancy established and operated a long-term project monitoring the birds in the Great Western Woodlands (GWW Project). The purpose; to assess the species distribution, population status, movements and ecology of birds in the region, to better inform conservation and management recommendations. For more information see BirdLife Australia website. Liz Fox is the Project Coordinator for the GWW Project (2011-2015). A GWW Committee has been established to oversee the volunteer bird surveys from 2015 to 2024 (and beyond), currently overseen by Maris Lauva as the Survey Coordinator.

Although bird records are needed from all over the GWW for the project, a number of areas have been selected for repeated bird surveys to at least the end of 2024, to find out whether bird populations are increasing, decreasing, or stable in the region. The Helena & Aurora Range is one of these areas. A small team of volunteer birdwatchers will visit this area in autumn and spring each year to undertake bird surveys. Birdwatchers or naturalists of all skill levels are always welcome to join these surveys.

Please contact GWW Surey Coordinator Maris Lauva for more information about the project or to join in on one of the surveys. Upcoming survey dates are listed below:

Spring 2015

2015 September 2 - 11

2015 September 26 – October 2 (includes Queen's Birthday weekend)

If you visit the Ranges (or anywhere else within the GWW) at other times (including in winter or summer), please send Maris any of your bird sightings as all contributions will improve our knowledge of the bird fauna in this region. The bird survey data can also be entered using Birdata (now able to register online!).

Contact Details:

Maris Lauva

GWW Survey Coordinator

GWW Committee

Email: mailto:gww@birdlife.org.au



Liz Fox Great Western Woodland Project Coordinator

BirdLife Australia

Email: liz.fox@birdlife.org.au

T: (08) 9287 2716

M: 0427 947 009

"Australia's voice for birds since 1901"

"BirdLife Australia is dedicated to achieving outstanding conservation results for our native birds and their habitats.s


The Toodyay Naturalists' Club

For information see Toodyay Naturalists' Club website (extracts from website cited below)


The Toodyay Naturalists’ Club (Inc) is a not-for-profit community group based on the western fringe of Western Australia’s Wheatbelt. First settled in 1836, Toodyay was one of the first inland towns established, and one of the earliest farming families to settle here was the Drummonds. James Drummond senior (1787-1863), was a renowned botanist.

The Toodyay Naturalists’ Club Inc. does not support any development that will have an adverse impact on the natural environment. However they are willing to work with proponents of current and future development proposals to secure the best outcomes for the environment.



To preserve and promote native flora, fauna and landscape values of the Avon Valley and our region by exchanging ideas, supporting research, education, publishing and any other practical works that encourage the community to be aware of the natural environment and/or materially further its preservation and restoration.

The TNC is a member of the Helena and Aurora Range Advocates Inc (Bungalbin).

This magnificent banded ironstone range on the edge of the goldfields has extremely high conservation and natural heritage values, and worthy of protection from mining. Visit their site to find out more.

The Toodyay Naturalists Club (TNC) is independant of the WA Naturalists Club, but does enjoy a friendly mutual relationship.

(In Western Australia, the WA Naturalists Club Inc. has a number of Branches. There are over 50 field naturalist groups in Australia, most of which are a registered with the Australian Naturalists Network (ANN).)


Wildflower Society of Western Australia

For more information see Wildflower Society of Western Australia (WSWA) website (extracts from website cited below)

The Wildflower Society of Western Australia Inc. (WSWA) was established in 1958 to promote the value of our natural bushland. The Society does this through regular meetings and excursions, native plant sales, bushland plant surveys, book sales, donations, and attendance at relevant events.

The WSWA currently has nine branches across the South West of Western Australia. Most have monthly meetings and activities. They include Perth, Northern Suburbs, Murdoch, Eastern Hills, Darling Range, Armadale, Albany, Kulin and Merredin.

The WSWA is located at Perry House, enter from Perry Lakes Drive, Floreat.

The office is open between 10am and 2.30pm every Tuesday and Thursday.

(08) 9383 7979


Mailing address:


PO Box 519

Floreat WA 6014




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