Some Events Held on Range

Helena and Aurora Range, Bungalbin is an important part of our community

Sometimes as a destination for camping and being in the bush, or for planned events such as new year picnics or car rallys and then for very special events such as weddings of which there have been a few.

Wedding in 2003 on Helena and Aurora Range

Bungalbin Car Rally in 2005

Bungalbin Car Rally in 2005


The photos shown have been kindly supplied by Kaye Crafter

Those along the right hand side, from top to bottom are:

1. New Year 2002 picnic

2. Bungalbin Car Rally 2005

3. Bungalbin Car Rally 2005

4. Bungalbin Car Rally 2005

5. Wedding 2003

6. Wedding 2003


If you would like to add your own photos of special events held at Helena and Aurora Range Bungalbin please contact HARA



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